Interesting Facts About Cats That You Likely Didn’t Know

Cats make the purrrr-fect companion and us cat lovers know just how amazing they truly are. Like the best Valentines, you can count on them for love, cuddles, and company…  on their terms, of course!  All cats are unique thanks to their special and interesting quirks. While some may be obvious, there are a plethora of different things that cats do that you might not even realize that make us love them all the more! Here are some interesting facts about cats that you likely didn’t know. 

Cats cannot taste anything sweet.

With Valentine’s day coming up, you may wish to share a (cat-friendly) sweet treat with your beloved pet. While the gesture is nice, did you know that science has shown cats cannot taste anything sweet? It was found that cats do not possess the sugar detectors, or the genetics, to be able to taste anything sweet. 

Cats can jump up to 6 times their height.

The exact number may vary depending on the breed, age, weight, health, and agility of your cat, but it has been shown that cats can jump up to six (sometimes higher!) times their height, which on average, equates to around four to five feet high. The current world record is seven feet by a cat named Waffle. 

Cats sleep for nearly ⅔ of their lives.

Cats have been known to sleep for an average of 16-18 hours (sometimes more) each day. Over their lifespan, if they live to 18, the average lifespan of a cat, this works out ⅔ of their lives they spend sleeping! 

Cats are amazing creatures and great company to have around the house. Whether you have a cat or are thinking of getting one, you can guarantee you’ll continue to be surprised with their great abilities.  In case you need someone else to help love your kitty while you are traveling, contact Raleigh Pawz for excellent pet sitting care.  We’re available 365 days per year including on Valentine’s Day!

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