Happy New Year! Top 10 TV Shows and Movies to Watch with Your Pet This Winter

Are you getting ready to snuggle up with your fur baby for a night of “Netflix and Chill”? Hunkering down a little more than usual after the holiday season? Here at Raleigh Pawz, we’ve put together a fantastic list of television shows and movies that you can watch with your sweet kitty or pup while resting and relaxing this winter. They’re bound to love these flicks just as much as you, so grab the blankets and get cozy!

Here’s What to Watch with Your Pet This Winter

1. Dogs

This movie navigates the relatively simple emotions between humans and man’s best friend. It is sure to get you emotional and strengthen the bond you have with your furry friend.

2. New Girl

From emotions to comedy, New Girl is almost the go-to movie for cat owners. It mixes a good dose of humor with humankind’s love for their feline friends.

3. Rango

Rango takes us away from the usual and introduces us to a family pet lizard lost in the outside world’s grit and dirt.

4. Beethoven

This movie should be every dog lover’s furry flick, especially if your dog loves to cause adorable havoc around your home.

5. The Crown

This movie highlights Queen Elizabeth’s love for corgis with a touch of romance and political intrigue to enjoy – just don’t be surprised if your fur baby starts barking with a rather posh accent afterward.

6. Belle Sebastian

Watch how a lonely boy befriends and tames a giant, wild mountain dog in the snowy Alps during World War II. This is a moving story that will make you hug your pup a little closer.

7. The Healing Powers of Dude

This easy-to-watch comedy follows a socially anxious boy’s first experience at school with his emotional support dog.

8. The Lion in Your Living Room

Have you ever wondered about the science behind your cat’s playful purr and feline instincts? This documentary has the answers and is bound to captivate you and your kitty.

9. All Dogs Go to Heaven

This cartoon story follows the life of a dog’s inevitable access to heaven, because of course all dogs go to heaven.

10. The Dog Rescuers

The Dog Rescuers mixes humor, rescue, and rehabilitation in a wonderful documentary. For animal lovers everywhere – especially if your fur baby is a rescue pet.

Happy New Year!

Enjoy and don’t forget the snacks (pet-friendly ones, of course!).


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