5 Pieces of Information to Give a Pet Sitter for a Successful Relationship

Pets are like children for many individuals and when it comes time to bring someone in to care for them- whether for something as simple as a walk during the workday or something more demanding, like pet sitting for a few days while you’re out of town, it can be concerning. At Raleigh Pet Sitters, we understand this and want to assure you that our team will treat your beloved pet like their own.

Sometimes though, it helps to calm the nerves (of both the owner and the pet) if a pet owner leaves detailed information for their sitter. Whether it’s just a quick walk during the day or something more involved, you’ll feel better knowing you’ve informed your pet sitter about your pup’s routine. Here are our tips for making sure your pet sitter knows everything they must.

Information to arm your pet sitter with to ensure success

  1. Leave a description of your pet’s personality. For new people who haven’t watched your furry friend before, it’s helpful to know about their quirks. If your dog loves getting a collar and leash on outside, or would rather settle into his or her kennel and hide instead of going out, it’s important for Sitters to know. These tips from a pet owner can help avoid unpleasant surprises.

  2. Explain your pet’s eating habits and timing. If feeding your pet is part of the required routine, inform the pet sitter about the times of day your pet usually eats and the amount of food given at each feeding. If your pet gets a little something extra, like coconut oil or another sort of treat, this is important info to communicate.

  3. Explain your pet’s play preferences. Not all pets play in the same way. Sometimes a dog understands how to play fetch, others can get excited and a little rough while playing tug of war.  Some dogs would rather cuddle then play in other ways. It helps a pet sitter to understand your pet’s idiosyncrasies, to develop a relationship with your pet.  

  4. Vet and emergency information/contacts. On the chance that something happens, your pet sitter should know the name and contact information of your pet’s vet and how to get a hold of you (or a family member) in the event of an emergency.

  5. Security alarm information. If your pet sitter cannot get inside, they cannot care for your pets. This is pretty basic information, but still something that pet owners can forget in the rush of getting ready for a trip, or a complicated day at work.

At Raleigh Pet Sitters we have a client communication, scheduling, and invoicing portal and real-time visit notes including pictures are emailed to you after each visit. Every client has their very own Client Portal so that they can communicate up-to-date pet care and home care instructions to their pet sitter. That way, you can rest assured that your pet and home are in good reliable care while using our services.

We love helping you ensure your pet is cared for and walked when you’re unable to take the walks, or cuddle and play  with your pet yourself.  We can make your life easier and less stressful. Our pet sitting services includes lots of attention for your furry friend. Contact us to set your pet sitting schedule today and give your dog something to bark about!


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