From Potty-Training to Leash Pulling – Everything You Need to Know about Puppy Training from our Expert Trainer, Vee

Expert Puppy Trainer Vee

From potty-training to leash pulling, our expert trainer, Vee, answers all of your questions for successful puppy training! Hi there! I’m Vee, and I’m from Long Island, New York, but I’m a longtime Raleigh resident. I’ve been in the dog professional world since 2007. I started my career at a rescue center and I’m currently…

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Top Three Indestructible Dog Toys

Indestructible Dog Toys

A lot of dogs will frustratingly destroy a new toy in the same day, or even hour that they get it. If your pooch is one of them, then this list is for you!  Here are the top three toys you can buy that are truly indestructible and also safe to use. Keep reading to…

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Top 3 Reasons to Use In-home Pet Grooming

in-home pet grooming image of dog with hair dryer

Raleigh Pawz prides itself on keeping pets happy in the comfort of their own home. Our in-home grooming service is a stress-free way to groom and pamper your pet. Your pets will need to be groomed throughout their lives, so why not make it as hassle-free as possible? Grooming is an essential element of responsible…

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Five Helpful Tips for Chewing Puppies

Picture of puppy for chewing puppy tips blog

So you adopted a sweet new puppy. Oh, the velvety ears. The chubby belly. And ouch! The razor-sharp, needle-like teeth! Those tiny teeth chew through literally anything. Shoe leather. Purse straps. Sofa cushions. Your hand. (Again, ouch!) Before that brand-new $200 pair of shoes becomes your new baby’s next chew toy, Raleigh Pawz has a…

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You’ve Scheduled a Consult With Us: What Happens Next?

Anyone who entrusts their beloved pet with someone new wants to make sure that their pet is in good hands and is going to be well-cared for. The Raleigh Pawz team completely understands (we are the same way!) Your pets are more than an animal or a pet – they are family, and we treat…

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Valentine’s Day Pet Safety

Each year, many vets see a rise in cases around Valentine’s Day that involve flowers or chocolate. While Valentine’s Day can be quite fun for pets, here are some safety tips to help keep the day safe! Guard the Chocolate Experienced pet owners are aware that all types of chocolate can be potentially life-threatening if…

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What Happens After You’ve Hired a Pet Sitter?

You’ve hired a pet sitter from Raleigh Pawz to take care of your fur baby (a wise choice!), but you are now wondering, what’s next?  Here is the blog post you’ll want to read! Having a new pet sitter can be uncomfortable since you are not only trusting someone to care for your beloved pet,…

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