Your Dog and Kids Can Be Friends

When given the opportunity, a dog and a child can be the best of friends. There’s always the potential that your pet will eagerly welcome attention from kids, but that is not always the case. Sometimes a child’s noise and energy can be overwhelming to a...
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Ensure a Pets Care in an Emergency

It’s not something people like to think about often, but what would happen to your pet if you were incapacitated or unable to care for them?  Just like children, animals need constant care, love, and attention. Without those things, the animals can suffer- get...
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Overwhelmed by the Toy Aisle? Keep These Tips in Mind.

Choosing the right toy is almost as tough for some pet owners as it was choosing their furry friend. There are so many options to choose from for your dog or cat- how do you find the right one? At Raleigh Pet Sitters, we want you and your pets to remain happy and...
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Helping a Shy Cat and Fearful Dog Thrive

It’s always exciting when you bring a new pet into your home. Although cats and dogs react differently to changes in their surroundings, there is always the possibility that your new friend will be a little shy. There are ways to overcome this and make your new...
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To Help your Cat Keep Its Cool This Summer, Consider These Tips

For all their differences, cats and dogs have a few things in common, particularly that they need special care during the summer months to keep them both cool and healthy. At Raleigh Pet Sitters, we know how important your cat is to you and we want to help you keep...
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Keep Fido Cool and Healthy This Summer

Summer brings people and their pets outdoors, there’s no denying that. The sun beckons and that promise of heat and vitamin D lures dogs and humans alike outdoors to play, relax, and enjoy themselves.  But, rising temperatures also bring things to watch out for,...
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Summer Dog Bathing Tips 

Summer Dog Bathing Tips 

Keep your pets clean with these tips The summer months are known to be warm. While humans can guard against some overheating with a haircut, or a dip in the pool, many house pets, like cats and some dogs, don’t benefit from or particularly enjoy those things....

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  • Obesity is the number one health problem among dogs Makehellip
    21 hours ago by raleighpetsitters Obesity is the number one health problem among dogs. Make sure your companion gets the exercise they need when you are not around! Schedule your midday walk today!>>
  • Did you know your dogs nose print is as uniquehellip
    4 days ago by raleighpetsitters Did you know your dog’s nose print is as unique as your fingerprints? We treat our dogs like family and yours is no exception.
  • Did you know that we offer midday walks for yourhellip
    6 days ago by raleighpetsitters Did you know that we offer midday walks for your dogs? Yep! No more setting an alarm to make sure you're home in time to walk your pet. We can do it for you! Schedule your service today!>>
  • Are you looking for a dog? Do you know whathellip
    1 week ago by raleighpetsitters Are you looking for a dog? Do you know what type would suit you? Here are a few tips- ✔️ Think about your lifestyle, are you home all the time, work late, out of town often? ✔️ Do you want a pure bred or mixed breed? ✔️ Do you have children, other pets, allergies? All of these are important items to consider when choosing a pet for your family.
  • With the hurricane season in full effect we just wanthellip
    1 week ago by raleighpetsitters With the hurricane season in full effect we just want to make sure that you have a plan for your pets during this time. If you don't know where to start we have a blog post that talks all about what to do with your pet in an emergency.>> Stay safe for those who will be in the line of  #hurricaneirma  and those who may get the after effects.

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